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Coding assessments and e-learning courses for teaching programming languages, straight in the browser

40+ supported programming languages

including javascript, node.js, react js, python, java, C++


Ready library of programming learning courses

Ready library of a step by step sequence of coding exerices and concept explainers. Ideal for training new recruits, new language introduction  

Build custom programming journey courses

Address specific needs of your tech team and we will create a custom course with programming tutorials. Example use cases, adherence to coding guidelines

Build learning culture and coding proficiency with micro-learning tutorials and daily coding challenges

No environment setup

code editor and code engine are fully integrated into our LMS, no need for installation.

Deliver and measure

Use Krisin learning delivery for delivering and measuring progress at each step of the course

Daily micro learning

Practice focussed coding exercises delivered daily

Codetutor introduction

Code tutorial-zero setup LMS for delivering code labs and assessments

"We deployed Krisin codetutor training journeys, allowing our team to work on specific coding challenges, concerns areas and new tech skill additions"
A photo of Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.
Shaun Benson, CTO, Agriflora Inc.

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