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Next Generation Digital Learning SaaS platform
Content development services for digital journeys that deliver measurable behavior and habit adoption

Next-generation e-learning SaaS platform based on adult learning principles and behavioral science

Action focussed micro-learning course steps convert knowledge into behavior
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  • Day1 at 10 am, Duration 10 minutes

    Start the learning behavior journey for Task Prioritization. Action 1. Connect with your 'Why' for task prioritization. Action 2. Set a goal to finish the 21-day journey actions Action 3. Review the "Contract with self" and sign it.

  • Day 2 at 9 am, Duration 15 minutes, Flow of work

    Write down all the work that you need to do, plan to do, or intend to do, bothering you, also known as a mind dump. Look at the example mind dumps to get going.

  • Day 3 at 9am, Flow of work

    Apply the Eat the frog method to pick one burning priority that is uncomfortable and has been lying in the procrastination bag for long.

    Check out the frogs of others. Dave's frog is working on partner strategy, Ella's frog is finding 100 partners list for sales calls.

  • Day 4 at 9 am, Flow of work

    Have you finished the last frog you picked up? Write down the interruptions that happened that led you to drop the frog, if not finished. Send to coach. Pick up yesterday's frog if not finished. Do a mind dump (Click to discuss with the coach)

  • Day 5 at 9 am, Flow of work

    Do a mind dump. Have you finished the last frog task?  Check out examples of Urgent and Important Matrix (5 minutes). Write 5 tasks into Urgent and Important Matrix. If you need support schedule time with the coach.

  • Day 6 to 21, 3 pm, Flow of work

    Write Mind dump. Write the frog task. Progressive step-by-step increased level of using Urgent and Important Matrix in daily routine and flow of work.

  • Day 22, 3 pm, 15 minutes

    You participated in a 21-day long everyday 10-minute learning journey to build your behavior and practice. 

    How confident do you feel about applying task prioritization in your day-to-day routine?

    Oh, I am already doing it now. Thank you, coach.

Lead with outcomes in a digital learning world

SaaS platform

Plug and play SaaS platform to deliver e-learning courses and journeys

Coach feedback

At each step, a coach can support by providing examples, clarifying, and motivating.

Measurable Results

Track the quality of engagement, at each learning step. Outcome tracking.

One comprehensive learning solution that drives employee learning adoption and engagement

  • Microlearning - create courses that have 5-10-15 minutes learning  bytes
  • Schedule course content delivery on specific days and times
  • Practice and tutorial focussed course creation tools support
  • Add course content pieces from any source be it YouTube or Linkedin Learning or your LMS
  • Add gamification coins to reward specific course actions
  • Kickstart with our action-focused course library of 30 managerial and leadership skills

Measurement at each step with detailed reports of learner progress

  • Comprehensive reports on learner engagement and activity
  • Auto-sharing of reports with the managers and supervisors of the learner
  • Track learner's eagerness to learn and their practice intensity
  • Add Leaderboard to keep competitive learners motivated
  • Progress reports for learners that connect with their purpose of learning

Leaps ahead of other LXPs for hands-on and tutorials focussed courses

  • Add making a call, having 1-on-1 or meeting as part of your course
  • Support for Quizzes, tutorials, questions, case studies
  • Support for coding assignments as part of course activity 
  • Course design services for hands-on tutorials and post-training courses
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Solutions and Offerings

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.

BehaviorStack for CXOs and HR Transformation Heads

We work on your No. 1 priority for change management and create customized digital journeys for mindset and behavior change at scale. Whether it's sales mindset, customer centricity, strategic mindset, fostering innovation, learning agility, inclusiveness, or creating a positive work environment by removing toxic behavior. Start with our ready-to-play digital journeys. Contact us for a no-obligation blueprint or start the free trial today.

Doingplug for L&D Heads

We work with progressive L&D leaders for outcome-based digital learning journeys. We plug after classroom or digital training programs (Onboarding Training, First Time Managers Training, Management Development Program, Executive Development Program, for both Classroom and digital training). Once the cohort finishes the training they come to our SaaS platform for a 1-month to 9-month journey to implement their learnings on the job. Contact us for a discussion on behavior outcomes and training effectiveness of your most critical training programs.

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If better-closing is an outcome we do it through 6 week journey for improving sales closure skills. Handholding the team through a sales-focused digital coaching journey with 3-5 closing techniques and everyday practices for applying them, with examples, and in the flow of daily work. Call us to build micro-behavior changes for better results. Enroll your team in our plug-and-play sales closure journey.

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We have seen noticeable improvements in the first batch that has completed (their training journey on the Krisin platform). The practice-based journey approach sets them (Krisin) apart from other providers.
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Lata Shankar Director-HR Liventus

Everyday we were looking out to finish the task that was going to come in the email (Part of Krisin's learning journeys). Even though people are busy they look forward to the daily task and try to finish the practice task as soon as possible.
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Masoom Fathima DGM-Operations RxDx
Team started moving to action and started thinking about the strategic actions they need to take, enabling me to stand back and empower them. Partnering (content, platform and team) with Krisin helped us bring our level 2 next management team in action.
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Ravi Vaidyanathan CEO Tapio


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About Krisin

Krisin is about learning that gets implemented on the job. We provide a SaaS platform that works as a LMS/ LXP for corporate learning. We also provide ready-to-deploy digital learning journeys for behavior change, ask for our ready library. We do consulting to build custom behavior change journeys for your organization's specific needs.

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